Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to completely love your work and have lots of time for your family and you?

Do you feel like you're living someone else's life but feel stuck, paralysed by fear?


Dads feel like they have to make so many compromises and sacrifices, because you have to provide right?  

What if I told you that you can 

And should have it all. And by this I mean happiness, success, freedom and fulfilment (and choice).

You deserve it. So do your kids.  

This is your opportunity to truly start living, thriving and changing your world.  

This is about creating impact and making a difference.

To stop the grind, to stop accepting limits and restrictions, to stop living that life that's full of regret.

The world needs more Dads that are fighting fit, creating massive impact with their work, and showing their kids how to turn dreams into reality.

#EPICDADS is about stripping away all of your limits and defining exactly what you want, discovering your superpowers and how to use them, and establishing an action plan to make it all happen (plus the much needed accountability). 

It’s about truly having it all (whatever that may look like for you), without those frustrating compromises. It’s about making an impact, making a difference, making it all really matter. 

I left behind the life that was a job that drove me mad, saw me in an out of shape body, and resulted in me being 'Grumpy Dad' and 'Annoying Husband'! If I'm honest, I was playing it safe and piling up the regrets!

I chose to be EPIC. For me, it was moving to the beach, doing the school run, getting into the shape of my life (at 40), lot's of 1:1 time with my wife, doing work that excites me and makes a real difference to my world, and the world!

Showing your kids how to create new possible - now that’s a real game-changer.

Do what you want, when you want, how you want!!

What you can expect from the #EPICDADS group programme:


Weekly challenges and trainings so you can become limitless, discovering your superpowers and implement your action plan to make it all happen.

Group Hotseats

Weekly hotseat sessions where you will get your chance to ask me (and the other Dads) anything about that weekly challenge/training - or anything else that is frustrating you.

Weekly Office Hours

Your opportunity to ask me any questions about your journey and to clarify any aspects of the programme.

Peer Support

This is the game-changer. You're on this journey with other awesome Dads who have so much to share. We all get to learn from each other.



About Fraser Cameron


I help Mums & Dads all around the world become #EPICMUMS & #EPICDADS. Mums & Dads that make massive impact at home, work and play. Mums & Dads that truly have it all, a life without compromise or sacrifice. It's all about creating new possible and building everlasting legacies.  

My mission is to help 1 million parents become truly epic by 2020!

Fraser Cameron